Side Quest 1: Avatar

I included these images in my digital avatar primarily to represent my jovial and thrill-seeking nature. I’ve always prided myself on spending a lot of time outside my comfort zone and consciously try to push myself to do activities which frighten me. Just over winter break, a good friend of mine mentioned he had been working on getting his skydiving license. Half joking, I told him we should go together and give our parents anxiety for a few hours. A consequence of sarcasm is being taken seriously, and the next day I found myself in a small, low-horsepower plane as it unconvincingly accelerated into the sky. Though I wished to say I hurdled myself off the plane with ease, peering down 13,000 feet towards the ground paralyzed me with insecurity. The next minute was one of the best of my life and instilled a now-undying appreciation for the ground. In addition, it made me recognize how relatively small I am as well as appreciate the other small people that make my life feel massive. I didn’t want to include too many other people in my avatar as it is a representation of myself. However, I made sure to include my lil’ pupper, Banjo, whom I believe (and hope) will not be mistaken for myself. He’s a little Australian Cattle Dog whose obsession with fetch, or any object that can serve as a proxy for a ball, can drive anyone crazy.

While creating my avatar, the biggest problems I faced were deciding which images to select and being distracted by how horrible people look while skydiving. I will certainly take away a gratitude for green screen and photo-editing. In addition, I think this side quest helped me analyze how I would like to appear to others. Especially in the age of social media, I would like to be a smarter curator of my digital image. In addition, I’d like to recognize that people are different than they appear on social media and to not rush to judgements.


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