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SQ5: Night Knight

Similar to how I selected one image first then worked to make it “fit” during my Combo-photo, I decided to select an object and draw something to fit. As I read the prompt, I was in the reading room of the library. After scanning my desk and surroundings for potential objects, I remembered my case of Kleenex in my bag. Coincidentally, I had rushed to the library to get work done before sinner, so I had left my laundry and sheets unfolded on my bed. I think the idea of the Kleenex as a sheet came as a consequence of that, and I decided to run with it.

To manifest that idea into reality was difficult. I originally intended to trace the napkin, draw, then place the napkin down and take the photo. However, It was difficult to draw around the trace, and I constantly found myself placing and picking up the napkin intermediately. In addition, looking on Niemann’s tumblr, I noticed that the physical object creates a two dimensional part of the image, not an addition to the drawing as an afterthought. Consequentially, I created two drawings, one with the Kleenex, and then used the first to help aid the second drawing. In terms of physical issues, having the correct scale was quite difficult. Using the outlining process from my original plan allowed me to get past this issue. Overall, I really enjoyed this process: I think the most valuable lesson was being able to see objects as artistic mediums rather than objective things with purposes.

Link to Prompt. #SQ5


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